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    Default Database-folder




      I have set up a server with three logical volume partitions : 1 for the OS and software (C), 1 for the database files (D) and 1 for the backup files (E).

      As recommended by the "FileMaker Server 12 - Configuration Guide" on page 24 I changed the default path to filewin:/D:/Databases/ and I deleted the Databases-folder in the default location (C:Program Files....DataDatabases).

      When uploading a database I get that C/...../Databases/ does not have enough space for the upload or does not exist.


      Is this a bug ? Or do I have to delete the entire Data-folder ?


      I attached some screenshots with the configuration, error and Data-folder on the C-partition.

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          It's not a good idea to delete the default databases folder on the C drive.


          Are you trying to upload to your new folder on the D drive?  When in the upload process you do you get the error?

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            The error appears while the server is "Checking file configuration...".


            I tried to put a shortcut to "D:\Databases" in the default C-location but this doesn't work.

            A hard link can't refer to another partition and isn't supported for directories.

            A junction results in the unwanted effect of having 2 Databases-folders in the admin console (which I do not want to avoid confusion).


            You may be right that it is not a good idea, but then FM shouldn't document it as


            "When following the recommendation for three logical volume partitions segregating a volume

            specifically to host databases, the path to that volume is entered here. Keep in mind that the

            default path is still active and any databases placed in the default path will open when the server

            starts. It is generally recommended to delete the \Data\Databases directory to avoid confusion."