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onObjectModify with drag and drop into containers

Question asked by disabled_christipalme on Dec 20, 2012

Hey folks, I've got a weird one that may have not fix, but I'm posting it here in case I get lucky. I've got a solution where the records access is view restricted along with a container field (global) with an onObjectModify script trigger on it. What's supposed to happen is a user drops a document onto the global container field which triggers a script to create a new related document record and moves the document from the global container to the container in the related record. Works great for users that are not restricted on viewing the records. For those users in order for the global field to register that it has been modified, they have to click the field first and then drop the document onto it. If they don't click on the field first (whether the window is active or not), the document drops into the global container but never fires the script. I've tried putting the global field into a table with full view access but that didn't make a difference, I'm guessing, because it's still sitting on a layout of the table who's records are view restricted. Of course, the users are dropping documents onto records they have access to, so whatever determins their eligibility to be view has already happened. They're not restricted at all from editing, so I don't see why it can't see the object modification when it's quite clearing being modified.


any ideas?


Oh. I forgot the details. they're running filemaker pro 12.0v3 (you probably knew the 12 bit since it's using drag and drop containers, but pehaps not the .0v3) :-)




Christi Palme