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    Find unused layouts


      What is the best way to find layouts that are not being used in any scripts, calculations etc?

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          If you have FMP advanced, you can generate an HTML report and see for each layout if they're called in a script. Be careful though, if you go to layouts "dynamically", meaning by using Go to layout name / number  using a calculation, it won't appear there as far as I know.

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            Base Elements takes it to the nth degree, showing all elements including conditional formatting.  It is the best tool out there for providing in-depth analysis of everything in your file.  The results are an FM file so you can search and even add fields for Developer notes to errors and warning received, researched, fixed or dismissed or to use in collaboration with other developers.  The lists generated include all details on field definitions as well.  It is well worth the investment.




            Sorry I cannot provide active link while on iPad. ;-)