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    Unruly Menus




      I am working on a client database built by another developer whose expertise seems to have been in creating custom menus for every layout, and many are the layouts. Every layout has a custom menu set attached to it. I am rather the opposite in style. Anyway my question is this: Is there some sort of technique I can use that will allow me to use standard menus in all the layouts? My initial thought was a script to do this but the "Scripts" menu occurs in zero of the layouts. I considered an OnLayoutEnter script but then I would need to do this on more than 100 layouts. All suggestions appreciated.




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          In Layout Setup-->General, what is the setting for Menu Set?


          Having a single OnLayoutEnter script attached to all layouts isn't a bad idea. At most, it will take an hour to change them all. You could probably whip it out in 20 minutes.

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            Each layout has an associated menu set...I think I'll need to follow your advice.




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              Steve Wright

              The way I do it is probably not the most efficient, but when custom menu's where introduced my solution was already built, so I guess I used the easiest method I could think of at the time without having to change hundreds of layouts..


              All layouts are set to use default.

              Each time a new menu is required, I install it via script.

              This works for me since each layout is only accessible via script's too.

              Within each appropriate script, the "install menu" step is wrapped in an if statement, checking the logged in user.  If I am logged in, my dev menu is installed as file default, otherwise the custom menu's are installed as an when required via script.


              I haven't found any reason to change it and I only need to edit one script to change the menu for a number of layouts, but then.. I only have a 3 alternative menus.

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                Quite agree that scripted meuns is the best method - this was a quick repair job I was doing and deciphering the solution too far longer than the actual fixes.



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