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    Portal confusion - adding records


      I have a quoting application I'm working on.


      There are upcharges to the quote. Generally following: Relational Database Design with FileMaker Pro with Cris Ippolite on LYNDA.com.


      Trying to use the portal to add new line items to the quote.


      relevant structure















      primary and foreign keys are connected on relationships

      relationship between Quotes and QuoteUpchargeLineItems has "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship" checked.


      Poral added. Display looks fine.


      QuoteUpcharges:__pkQuoteUpchargeID, QuoteUpcharges:__pkQuoteUpchargeID, QuoteUpcharges:FlatCharge, QuoteUpcharges:RunCharge, QuoteUpchargeLineItems:Quantity.


      Made valuelist for first field.


      When I try to change one of the UpchargeID with the pop ups I added, I get :


      This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable.


      When I select the empty bottom row, I don't even get the popup.


      Please advise if what I'm missing.


      thank you.

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          Hi Jennifer:


          It seems you have a number of things going on and we may need some clarification.


          First, you describe that the relationship Quotes>QuoteUpchargeLineItems has the allow creation box checked. However, the portal you describe  has records from QuoteUpcharges. What context is this from? Possibly the Quotes TO? If so then you would want the relationship between Quotes and QuoteUpcharges to have the allow creation turned on. If that assumption is untrue then please give us some more detail.


          Secondly, it sounds like you're trying to update a key field with your pop. Skip the popup for the moment while you do your testing; just make the field a regular edit box. Then you'll want to ensure that the id is the field you really want to change; probably not. You probably want to add the related record by adding in a description, flat charge, or some other editable field. It sounds like your key field is non-editable - as it should be.


          Double-check your relationship and it's context, along with the fields you want in the portal, and you should be able to resolve your issues.


          If you need further help don't hesitate to ask.

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            Hi Nick -


            I'm obviously not comprehending something about the use of the portal to add records to a join table.


            I've tried this ten different times, and it just doesn't work.


            Is there a recommended tutorial or walk-through for this on filemaker 12.  I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, but I can't figure it out.

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              Jennifer Morse wrote:


              I'm obviously not comprehending something about the use of the portal to add records to a join table.


              I've tried this ten different times, and it just doesn't work.


              See if the demo posted here can help:


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                No worries.


                Although I'm still incertain as to exactly what you want your relationships to be, I'm attaching a file that may shed some light.


                The first group or relationships is a simple one between quotes and quoteUpcharges. On the Quotes layout one would click in the last (empty) row to create the related upcharge record.


                Going by your last email (and the fact that you list in your line items TO key fields for your other two tables) it sounds like you may want the QuotesUpchargeLineItems TO to be a join between your Quotes and QuotesUpcharges. This is still fairly straight forward. However, you will need a way to identify, via script or some other method, the record in the Qup TO. Here I'm letting the user (you) select the record to relate. In the real-world you would want to handle this differently. On the Quotes2 layout either enter a number in the quantity field or select a Qup record to relate to to create the line item record.


                Once again, if you this doesn't help, post a screenshot of your TOG and a little more detail of how you are planning on relating your records.

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                  Demo & Nick's input combined opened my eyes.


                  One element in the portal was looking at the wrong table.


                  QuoteUpcharges:__pkQuoteUpchargeID was wrong.





                  I knew it was simple. 


                  Thanks to both.


                  Happy Holidays.