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Product with Multiple Serial Numbers

Question asked by MarkNZ on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2012 by MarkNZ

Hi Team,

Could anyone advise me as to the best way per follows:

I have created a Products Module which consists of various types of VHF Radios. One record, one radio.. The discription of each Radio is pulled into the Invoice record.. with a price, however I need to apply a unique radio serial number to each radio sold.

I need to be able to identify A) the customer the radio was sold to by imputting the serial number or B) Identify the radio by imputting the customer... As there are for example stacks of serial numbers for one discriptive radio how is this best done..and controlled.

Sometimes the radio itself needs looking up in stock to see for example what programming the radio has been programed with..

I am a newby.. so your direction would be appreciated.