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    Portal fields showing wrong data


      I’m hoping someone can help solve a problem I’m having with a portal in a tabbed layout.


      Below is a partial ERD of the benchmarking solution.


      HBMDB prototype 12212012 crop.png


      I have a portal that is part of a tabbed layout that uses the PROJ__Project table occurrence(TO) but the portal is based off the proj_psf_RAQ__RateAmtQty TO.

      PortalWithWrongFacilitySubFacilities showing.PNG

      The trouble I am having is showing the correct related data from the proj_psf_FAC__Facility and proj_psf_SFAC_SubFacility TO’s.

      The portal is only showing Facility “0200|Coarse Ore Handling” and Sub-Facility “0201|Grinding Ball Storage Bunker” even though these vary all the way down

      (look at the Cost Description column for clues to what is supposed to be in the SubFacility field).


      I’m sure it is a context issue but I can’t seem to resolve it. When I create a layout with the proj_psf_RAQ__RateAmtQty TO the locations show up correctly.

      I have tried changing the portal TO to proj_psf_SFAC_SubFacility but it does not show me all the cost and quantity details. I’m not sure what I am missing.


      Any suggestion?

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          Have you been able to resolve this issue?  I believe the problem is that the fields in the portal are evaluated from the context of the layout's TO, NOT the portal'sSo, those fields which are from TOs in between the layout's TO and portal TO will only show one value (the first related value to your PROJ__Project TO).


          You should be able to easily fix this by adding additional TOs that contain the fields you need in the portal, and relate them to your portal TO "downstream" from the layout TO (to the right, in your relationships graph).  Then, change specify the errant portal fields as from these new TOs.  Now these fields will have to be evaluated through the portal TO's context.  You should see the correct values as when you tested with the RAQ layout.


          I hope I'm making sense and that this helps!


          Dan W