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Best resource to demonstrate FM's ESS capability to Web developers

Question asked by disabled_JohnWolff on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2013 by beverly

Hi All,


The local company which developed and maintains our web site is NOT at all au fait with FileMaker's ESS capability.


We are needing to embark upon an extension of the web site that will derive its additional info from the Product Table that exists in our solution for running the Mail Order side of our business.


An initial discussion with the web site developer indicates that they would prefer to build a new PHP process for importing the data from an extra .csv file, as they envisage "issues" if we were to use ESS to write our data directly to their MySQL table. From this I deduce that the developer's knowledge of FileMaker's capability is so limited that he's scared to embrace it, but instead is comfortable with billing us for work on an extended importing regime that should not be required.


We already use ESS to pull orders from the web site's shopping cart directly into our solution.


During my discussion with Steve Winter at DevCon in Miami, he suggested writing some PHP code for the web developers that would poll the Product table in our solution at regular intervals but this is also unnecessary when ESS should be workable and driven from our end of the connection.


Can anyone provide me with an easily read paper, an example, or any other resouce that will help to overcome the web site developer's inherent resistance to the use of ESS?


Thanks in advance,


John Wolff

Hamilton, NZ