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Up dating a remarks field

Question asked by JimmyMadison on Dec 21, 2012
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I have been creating a dispatch solution for our sheriff's office dispatch. I keeps up with case numbers and dispatch times along with other data pertaining to the call dispatched. Each unique case number has a field named "Remarks" which will contain the comments of the called dispatched. I need to be able to use a button to append new comments as they come in from the deputy in the field starting with the time the comment came in. Every time I try this, it placed the original comment and can't seem to get it to append the comment field.




10:24:23 W2 requested an ambulance


10:28:44 RPS notified and responding


10:49:22 W2 reported ambulance is on scene


10:55:29 RPS transporting 2 patients to Cullman Hospital


If someone wish to contact me offline my email address is


I am using filemaker pro advanced 11 on a pc platform


I am attaching the first of many layouts the sulation containes.


Thaks for your help.