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    Can't see served files on FMSA 12


      Not sure what's going on. FMSA 12 is running on Mac Mini C2D with 8 GB ram and 4 TB RAID HD. FMSA 12 updated to the latest version (v3). Client is FMPA 12v3 on Mac Mini core i7 with 16 GB RAM and 1 TB HD and FM Go on iPad or iPhone. I can reach the server with server Admin and it says all served files are fine. I can find the server through the OPEN command, REMOTE but it reports no files are available. I pulled the files down, set them all for ALL USERS in sharing and reuploaded - still no joy. I shut FMSA 12 down, uninstalled, reinstalled and patched to v3 and reuploaded files, still no joy. I checked firewall setting to be sure that FMPA and FMSA are allowed through and they appear to be on both the clients and server. Any ideas? FMSA 12 was working in the past on this same machine but haven't used it in probably 2 months. OS patches have occurred since then but I've made no configuration changes. I did apply v3 patch but can't remember if I verified that it worked after that.





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          Under Open Remote, were you using Local Host or Favorites?  If using Favorites, are you sure you have the correct IP or URL?  When you pulled files down and pushed them back up, did you  use the Admin Console to do it?  When you pulled the files down, did you make sure the Extended Privileges allow FileMaker Clients to open them?  Do you have the Admin Console set so that you can only see files that you are authenticated to see when you do the Open Remote?  Those are a few ideas to check. 

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            Hi Taylor,


            Thanks for the quick reply. I deleted all favorites and looked it up under locals hosts and it is there. Also tried typing in the IP address directly - again it finds the server but says no files available. I used the Admin Console to delete and redownload the files. The admin console is NOT set for restrictions based on IP address or FileMaker authentication - it is set to display all FileMaker files. Not sure about the Extended Privileges. I opened the files on my desktop through the client and set the FileMaker Sharing to ON and to allow all users, then re-uploaded. I am accessing the files through the admin Full Access account. These are just test files so they aren't locked in any way. No password even. It's weired as I've never had this problem before and been usiing development license for server since FMSA 10.


            Even the sample file fails to show.



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              Finally found the answer. I finally turned off the firewall on the server and everything shows up. Not sure how about 30% of the processes for FMSA 12 were locked out since I never changed the firewall settings but after seeing that turning of the firewall fixed the problem, I was able to track them down and set them to be allowed through.


              Thanks for weighing in Taylor.