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First and foremost, Merry Christmas to all the Filemaker developers.


I am creating an internal solution that will be used to print envelopes. The envelopes will be used for sending checks to vendors, sending mailings to friends and relatives, and sending documents to clients. So naturally, I want to maintina a list of addresses. Most envelopes will be printed by selecting the return address and mailing address from an address file, but there will also be times when an venvelope needs to be completely ad hoc - mailing address will just be typed in. Here is the way I envision the tables and relationshsips.


EnvActive - this will be the active envelope that will be printed. One record that will be populated by either typing the data in or selecting from a lookup table.


EnvData - this will be the table that contains the addresses - both return addresses and mailing addresses. Note that a mailing address could also be a return address.


EnvCateegory - this will be a table that contains one field, a category field that will be used to filter the EnvData records to just those with the matching category. If you select vendors, then I only want to include vendor records in the popup from the EnvData table.


At this point, I will not be saving the envelope data, just enter the data or lookup it up, print it and forget it. If the data is entered, then there will be an option to add it to the EnvData for later use.


There will be just four layouts. One for entering the envelope data, one for entering categories, and one for printing the envelope, and one for editing/deleting the addresses.


The only relationship that I see in this is from the EnvCategory table to the EnvData table so that I can get a filtered popup. Am I missing something?