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Invoice lines aggregation

Question asked by laguna92651 on Dec 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2012 by laguna92651

A typical set of invoice lines looks like this.


Article No Product Code Style Size Qty Price Tot Price

DM13031 DM13031-XS Hoodie XS 0 15 0

DM13031 DM13031-S Hoodie S 2 15 30

DM13031 DM13031-M Hoodie M 1 15 15

DM13031 DM13031-L Hoodie L 2 15 30

DM13031 DM13031-XL Hoodie XL 3 15 45


I would like to enter the ordering information in this format, there of course could be a second line in the same format with a different Article No, DM13172 etc. Pricing would be always be the same for all Product Codes for a given Article No.


Article No Style XS S M L XL Qty Price Tot Price

DM13031 Hoodie 0 2 1 2 3 8 15 120


I would still need to be able to break out the individual Product Codes later in Table view for analysis. I will post another question in a second thread, but I need to summarize the data in a similar format, but by Product Code for all invoices.