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I'm hoping somebody can help me figure this problem out, a 'Client' can have several 'Sites' associated to it and these can each have many 'Incidents'. A sub-summary report groups several Incidents under a Site and several Sites are grouped together under a Client as shown below.


Bloggs UK (Client)

Bloggs England (Site)

17/04/12 1.25 hours

21/09/12 1 hour

Bloggs Scotland (Site)

16/03/12 1.5 hours

18/10/12 2.5 hours

21/11/12 1 hour


When Incidents are entered into the table, we log the Date, Time and number of Hours spent at the Site. A Calc field in the Client table adds up all the Hours for each of the Sites related to the Client. For example:


Clients Table:

Bloggs UK = 7.25 hours


Sometimes, a Client might pre-pay a certain number of hours or we may include some in the annual contract. This is logged in a table called 'Bundles' so Bloggs UK for example, might have prepaid 10 hours at the start of the contract. Another Calc field would therefore state that they have a positive balance of 1.75 hours remaining before we start to bill them for any hourly work.


The sub-summary report above is used by the Accounts department for billing so I want the report to show that Bloggs UK is not to be billed until their 'Balance' calculation field goes into a negative amount.


Can anyone help me devise a method to do this on a row by row basis? For example:

Bloggs Uk prepays 10 hours

17th - 1.25 = 8.75 balance

21st - 1 = 7.75

16th - 1.5 = 6.25

18th - 2.5 = 3.75

21st - 1 = 2.75


The tables and relationships are currently set up as shown below:



Clients, Sites, Incidents, Bundles



Client::__kpClientID = Site::_kfClientID

Client::__kpClientID = Bundles::_kfClientID

Site::__kpSiteID = Incidents::_kfSiteID


Any advice would be great, many thanks...