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    Macola and SQL


      Anybody with experience accessing Macola software via SQL, willing to communicate with me to help me learn how to access Macola, please respond.


      Thank you.



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          Hey Dennis... hope you have been enjoying the holidays!


          I have never worked with Macola, but I googled it and the product is called "Progression SQL" and it is a Microsoft SQL Server database.  Apparently there are a lot of Progression SQL Servers still using SQL Server 2000, which is not supported by FileMaker's ESS.  The current Macola product is only SQL 2008 RS (at least as of July 2012) and FileMaker ESS supports that.  Do you know which version of MS SQL Server you are accessing? Obviously you don't have to do it with ESS, but it sure makes things easier in FileMaker if it does. What have you tried so far?  Have you set them up as an ODBC source yet?  Were you able to connect?  In other words, is it a user id/password issue or is it a connection issue?  Do they even allow ODBC connections?  (hopefully they do).