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    Java 6 on Lion server?


      I had a problem running the Admin console on a Headless Mac Mini Server running Lion Server and FMS Advanced version 12.03. The main problem was that the Admin console was blank. For details see https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/103694#103694.


      I was able to work out removing Java 7 and getting Java 6 installed and mostly functional. At this point, when I open the web admin screen http://fmserver:16000 I get a message that the FileMaker Server Admin Console requires a supported version of Java, Click here to install java. Clicking on the link brings me to the Oracle download page. Where I can only get Java 7. I have a notebook running Snow Leopard that still only has Java 6 installed. When I open the Web interface on this system, it shows me the Start Admin console button and works normally. It seems that the installation of Java 7 messes all of this up.


      Does anyone know a way to get web interface to correctly accept the version of Java 6 installed on the server. Installing Java 7 makes it impossible to run the Admin console without a monitor installed. If a monitor is installed, then I can't connect a disk to the thunderbolt port to back the server up. Not to mention that it was intended to run with out a monitor.


      Thanks much for any assistance with this.


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          Hi Bruce,


          I very much doubt that I can offer much help, but I've found that with Java 7 installed on a MacPro running OS 10.8, the only way that I can open the Admin Console is via a .jnlp file that has to be clicked to open the Server Admin Console. There seems to be no way I can even make a dockable app like we used to have!


          If you are in a similar situation, then with a headless server you up the creek without a shovel.


          Clearly, with Apple abdicating responsibility to provide a reliable Java update for FMS, the heat is now on for FMI's Server team to provide us with a much better tool to administer their Server. It's not that they haven't been aware of the issue but obviously other priorities have taken precedence.


          With best regards,



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            see this KB article: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11251/


            which essentially means: You are required to have Java 7 with FMS 11 or FMS 12 on Lion or Mountain Lion Server.

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              To answer your other questions:


              Java 7 can be downloaded from www.java.com  (Oracle).

              Good tips for remote installation can be found on Installing an application from the command line.

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                Martin, John,


                I was able to find a copy of the Console App and use it without going through the Web page.  It runs using the installed version of Java 6. So not perfect,  but t least I can remotely operate the server as intended.  Java 7on a headless mac Mini server is completely useless.  Even running the Java admin tool in Preferenes is blank unless a monitor is connected.


                Hopefully I will be able to prevent Java 7 from being installed.  I got started on this due to a disk issue and Apple re-installed the OS.  It came back with out Java and it was all down hill from here.




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                  This thread was started because Java 7 apps on a headless Mac server comes up as blank screen and can't be used.  This is true for the FMS console and the System Preferences Java Control panel.


                  This morning I checked Oracle's website to see of there had ever been a bug reported for this issue.  I couldn't find one  so I reported it.  I actually got an e-mail from Oracle indicating that this is a new bug.  Who knows...maybe they will be able to fix it.