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    I am trying to import csv


      first timer here,,


      Why can't i get a csv file created from EXCEL, into my layout table...


      or is there something wrong with my export csv?


      my desired import is to the file attached to my layout.. but is greyed stepping through IMPORT command..

      Then I could mapped my fields to several generic fields next


      The import process by default opens a NEW FILE 2. then doing it again new file 3 etc etc viewing relationship is not conected or linked to my app

      ...It does import fine!

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          Just to be sure, you are trying to bring a .csv file into an existing FMP table.  The .csv file has data in it that you'd like to show in the fields you've already defined in FMP? Right?


          You may want to consider thinking about the problem a bit differently.  I have found that bringing data in from an external file such as .csv is a two-step process.  I import the data into a new table in the same database file as my existing FMP solution; then I use a script to bring the data into the existing table's structure.  Sounds like a bit more work, I know, but does provide me the opportunity to do any data cleanup as I bring the values over.



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            thanks... yes. CSV


            I have inspected in NotePad the csv file,  it is,  but will say my csv field names are different, I thought mapping and clean up anyways

            I opened a Blank layout...with fileWorkArea


            Again, saying, when run Import command it doesn't see that file WorkArea of my layout

            I have some generic field names jus for this purpose,   f1,f2,f3,f4     etc          i hoped Map  CSV to WorkArea,  then clean up bad stuff format etc


            As said... that WorkArea file greyed// ??


            Your idea too, seems, okay.. maybe its the only way?

            . if i did your suggestion, using FM to clean the set fields in my WorkArea layout table


            then I have

            Get name of this new filename and delete it

            or  continue to build same named files, 2,3,4,5,6  etc


            I hate things that just make files out of the blue


            Why is this File greyed..    when  my XLS Excell process work



            Thanks again//





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              Oh, looking around, how does FM delete this new imported table

              .. that is after do some filemaker commands to my save table?


              Could file a command



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                FM will not delete the table on its own; that's something you'll have to do.  What I normally do is just empty the table by deleting all of the records, if you keep accumulating tables, then you'll have to delete these manually by going into 'Manage Database', switch to the table table and then select the table to be deleted, then select 'delete'.