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FM Server v11.4 disconnects all users repeatedly

Question asked by on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by jml

My clients' FM Server v11.04.404 running on a Mac OS has developed a problem recently - it will suddenly give everyong connected an error 30 'no longer responding' and disconnect everyone. When I look at the console, it appears that everything is running normal, but no one can 'see' any files being served, so in essence the FM Server has stopped serving. It requires a restart to get it back online. This has happened 3 times in the last month, and it would seem that something 'triggers' FM Server to stop responding, but I can't identify the problem.


Because this is a new issue, I was thinking it might be something new that has been introduced:

- we started using FM GO v11 with iPads and iPad Minis: can't find any known issues for this..?

- could it be an update to something running on the server itself? The only other thing running on this server is carbon copy backup, and it appears that it is doing 'safe' backups of only the FM Server 'backups' folder

- could it be one user that has something conflicting with FM on their computer? (All Mac network w/30+ users)

- could it be corruption in the databases?

- the file is published for a CWP web portal that is hosted on another server... could it have anything to do with CWP?


Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated! Please copy me privately as well as to this list.


Thanks so much and Happy New Year too! (It will be super happy if I can figure this one out!)




Linda Carter, Comu-Books