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Identify Serial numbers to the Customer in Invoices

Question asked by MarkNZ on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2012 by LyndsayHowarth

Hi all,

After creating a one to manyrelationship - The one being Products table & the many being Units table with serial numbers.

As each type of product have multiple serial numbers, how can i identify each serial number to A) the product in the products Table & B) the Customer in the Invoice Table?

As it stands I have the product discription & pricing etc in the PRODUCTS Table..My Invoice Table has a portal to a Line Items table to retrieve the product discription and price..Once the invoice is committed the stock quantity in the PRODUCTS table reduces accordanally.

Maybe my PRODUCTS table in set up incorrectly, being that its in here that keeps count of the stock quantities...

How am I best to deal with the Serial numbers# to have them allicated with the product type being Invoiced?

Can this be dealt with a Value List.. or Lookups..

I am at a lose end as what to do I would be greatful for your help ..