Problem viewing a container outside the portal on the same layout

Discussion created by jonathanwri73 on Dec 29, 2012
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I have been using Filemaker as a basic user for about 1 year to manage a list of machines and a list of related attachments such as Images, Video's and am now starting to look at making the solution more advanced and less labour intensive then it has been to date.


One key area that has been a pain is viewing attachments from the container fields, until now I have been using GTRR and a seperate pop-up to show the image/video but as I have the screen estate was trying to provide the thumbnail from the portal and a larger image size on the same layout with very limited success.


As I have the screen estate to fit the images in I am now trying to complete this in 1 layout so in essence:


Machine TO - Model, Manufacturer, Type, Description, Cost, Price

Attachment TO - Attachment Id, Model, AttachmentData (Container)


The Machine TO is related to the Attachment TO as a one-to-many using the Model field


On my layout I have a portal to add/list the attachments, using scripts to add and delete the portal records without problem, my issue is getting a seperate field on the layout to show the image from the current portal row in a larger container field. Is there a way I can show a field from a currently selected portal row on a layout when it is outside of the portal itself?


To date the only way I have come close to acheiving this isn't ideal or elegant but works by creating a global container field in the Machine TO, adding this container field to my layout and then when I select on the portal row it will perform a script that copies the value from AttachmentData to my new global container in the Machine TO.



Any advice that can improve on this would be really helpful.


Many thanks,