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    Server error 8 Unable to back up database


      What might be causing FM Server 12 to generate this message:


      Error 8 TPC FM Server Unable to back up database "anodecross"; can't replace item with that name on destination "filemac:/Server HD/Users/todd/Dropbox/Databases/DropBox Daily/".


      A couple of clients did have that file open, but 83 other files backed up fine, including several that were also in use. Last week it was a different file that could not be backed up, but it is backing up fine now. I was able to use Finder yesterday to update anodecross manually.

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          That's why I would not recommend backing up directly to the dropbox folder like you're doing and suggesting in another thread.


          Dropbox has its own activity and will likely lock files whenever it needs to, which will interfere with FMS manipulating the files.  Since backups are crucial, let FMS backup to a location that it has full and exclusive control over.  Then you can use OS-level scripting to move or copy the files to another location and trap for errors.  At the very least this will always give you a valid backup.

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            Thanks, I believe you have explained my problem.  How would you use a script to copy one folder to another in OSX?  Is there a way to do it in a server side script, or would you use calendar to fire an automator script, or is there another way?

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              Not a server-side FM script if that is what you had in mind.  FMS can schedule OS-level scripts.  You'd save the shell script or AppleScript in the FMS scripts folder and then set up a new schedule to run that script.

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                Hi David,


                I'd recommend that you follow the example supplied by Rob Russell for OS X.




                I've used it for several years now, scheduling the script to run and move the zipped folder of files to an archive folder (Hourly Archives) 5 minutes after the hourly backup. I have another script taking the last hourly backup to a Daily Archives folder at 10:15 pm each day. Both of these folders are on a HD that's separate from the drive hosting FMS. Also best to have FMS only keep one backup copy in its Backups folder.


                You can test Rob's script by running it from Terminal.


                Others have used Automator or AppleScript scripts which they have scheduled using iCal.


                I hope this helps,