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    "Not a Valid Path"


      Trying to set up an additional database folder and this seems to be hit or miss. Well, mostly miss. In the admin console, checkmark additional folders and add a path. I did get one path to validate, but it wasn't the folder I wanted to use, putting another folder at the same level does not validate (even with copy and paste). I even made a new folder in the library where the other Databases folder is, copied the "backup" path, changed the name to the new folder; not a valid path. Help?

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          This could be a permissions (dont know what it's called in Windows) issue. Check the permissions for the default locations folder and make your additional database folder the same.



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            Thanks, but I did check the permissions, I was able to briefly add a folder in the exact location that worked, but it wasn't the one I wanted to use. I put the databases in the actual databases folder, and the came in 'read only' and i couldn't even add a record. The exact databases in another folder worked fine when opened directly with FM12, so this server is not working properly at all. I'm going to install on another machine.


            UPDATE for anyone finding this thread.


            Although I didn't see it, and still can't find some of it, FMS creates a new user in your system and apparently a new group. I can see the user, but I can't see the group when I want to apply permissions. The path will validate if the user "fmserver" is the *owner* of the additional folder. I can't duplicate the permissions on the Library folders because I can't see the group FMSAdmin which is listed as read-write in permissions of the default folders.


            Works now, tho.


            If you use the database upload wizard you can create subfolders, and the new subfolders will be applied the correct permissions. Also files uploaded to the new subfolders will have the correct permissions applied.


            This is all new to me, I've been using FMServer on Windows for about a decade and never had this kind of problem before. always been drag and drop or point and shoot.

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              Does your path end with a forward slash (/)?

              Not sure about fms12, but earlier versions required this.

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                We've had this issue and worked with FM support.  We found that the Windows server was not up to minimums . . . missing a service pack.


                So, we're getting the customer to update the OS and see if that fixes the problem.


                As 's' indicated, this can be syntax.  A good way to check is to see if the default backup folder is showing as valid or not.  Then, if the Desktop shows as valid or not.


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