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Pass a Container Field to Unrelated File

Question asked by JFWX5 on Dec 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2013 by listen2earth

Hi All,



Here is a script I have in my main file "ME":




Export pdf to Snap2FM

Open File [ “snap2fm” ] [ Open hidden ]

Set Field [ ME::GlobalSnap2FM; ME::UniqueID ]
Perform Script [ “get global id from ME With Out Scan” from file: “snap2fm”; Parameter: ME::GlobalSnap2FM ] Go to Layout [ “ME Certificate” (ME) ]
Set Variable [ $Desktoppath; Value:Get ( DesktopPath ) ]
Set Variable [ $filepath; Value:$Desktoppath & ( Funeral::Full Name & " " & ME::UniqueID) & ".pdf" ]

Which Calls in Snap2FM



get global id from ME With Out Scan

[ not IsEmpty ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ) ]

Set Field [ Documents::GlobalSnap2FM; Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

Go to Layout [ “Documents” (Documents) ]
Perform Script [ “Create New Document from ME” ]


End If


Which Calls


Create New Document from ME

New Record/Request

Set Field [ Documents::UniqueID; Documents::GlobalSnap2FM ]

#This next step inserts the document type into the record.
Set Field [ Documents::Type of Document; "RIMECC" ]
#This next step inserts the Sub document type into the record.

Set Field [ Documents::Type of Sub Document; "DCME" ]


How would I modify the above script(s) to have the pdf created in the 1st script placed in the Document::Document field of Snap2FM

Please note the files are not related and I don't wish to relate them, they are setup as external data sources.

Thank you & Happy New Year,