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I am new to FileMaker Pro and have been working on a database to manage the production workflow through our operation. I have designed a database that allows me to write up work orders and then transfer the basic info from the work order to 5 different production areas using a tab form on each work order. Each tab has different portals showing the filtered records from each order ID # which puts the desired records along with associated inventory info and product info.

What I am trying to do s then print the information displaying on each tab to put it out into production. I can do this right now, but when I print it, it prints the layout colors and everything else on the screen view.

How can I just make it print the records on a plain white sheet. Is there a way to hide certain records or objects from printing.

Even when I build a report, it puts the report in a layout theme, and all I want to do is put it onto a white background.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy FileMaker Pro and am really excited about all the potential that it offers.