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fmserver.exe (12) resource hogging?

Question asked by mikebeargie Expert on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by gdurniak

Has anyone else been experiencing resource hogging by filemaker 12 server processes? Compared to our 11 server, which is a similar setup hosting similar quantity, scripts and filesizes, FMS12 is taking almost three times the avg. resources.


Current resources after rebooting 4 days ago:

fmserver.exe --> 1,301,400K memory

fmadminserver.exe --> 129,428K

fmsase.exe *32 --> 124,944K

fmsib.exe --> 62,868K

fmshelper.exe *32 --> 9,976K


We have been experiencing issues where our server will freeze from overflowing the memory stack (and sometimes the processor stack), requiring reboot. We run our server in a virtual environment (xen win2008 R2) for redundency, but it's got fairly dedicated robust resource hardware and runs independent (no sharepoint or other services running).


Any thoughts? Right now we've temporarily implemented a maintenance reboot every weekend, but that obviously is not ideal.