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Question asked by PaulWebb on Jan 2, 2013
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Hi All,


I am a new developer and I have been working on a solution for my company that will support ~300+ users. My company has a tech support group that works trouble tickets. My solution connects to a DB (or will) that feeds me information about each trouble ticket (ie. ticket #, date create/close, severity, title, and so on). My users will review the tickets and use the info for reporting purposes. There is a lot of data that is incorrect in each ticket and there is a need to correct that data. The DB that my system pulls from is connected to 4 or more other DB's for its info and it is updated at various times and the info is over written each time even if there is no change in the data. My hope is to have a connection to the main DB so that my FM solution always has the most current data visible to the users.


My delima...

There are various firelds that my users will need to correct such as business impact, resolution summary, and so on. I will not have write access to the original fields coming from the DB because when the system updates it would be overwritten. How can I have a live view into the DB as well as maintain the fields my users have access to change? I want to make sure I end up with one single source of truth. Even though I will not have write access to the fields in the DB I'm connected to I can probably have new fields created in that DB for changes if it helps.