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    Windows Server 2011


      Does anyone know if / when Windows Server 2011 will be certified by FileMaker Inc as suitable for FileMaker Server 12? Seems like it's been available for a while now, and my clients' IT depts are pushing to install on new servers...



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          Hmm, should have done my homework before I posted!  Am I right in thinking that Windows Server 2011 only comes in Small Business Server versions?  If so, then I have my answer already...!


          What about Windows Server 2012, any news on this OS?

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            2012 isn't any good for any web publishing if you are planning to go in that direction as it isn't compatible with iis8 yet.  But if that component is not important for you, our database has been running fine on a full trial version of 2012 for only local network and internal use.


            We are still planning to switch to 2008 once we have our web framework ready, if not "extend" our OS lisense purchase delay even further by another half a year by running on the 2003 trial for a while first, we'll probably end up being forced to buy an OS mid 2014 or later at this rate if we keep swapping trials, which hopefully they will have improved compatibility for more current OS versions by then.  Redeployment time is a non-issue in our case.

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              It's certainly not certified so I would stay away from it.  FMI has said in the past already that FMS will certainly not work when you use the new file system that comes as an option with Server 2012.

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                Thanks, there are plans to introduce web publishing in the future, so we'll stay away from Server 2012.

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                  Thanks Wim, that's good to know.