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    Filemaker's Recovery Service


      Hey all,

      Has anyone used Filemaker's Recovery Service to get a corrupt file fixed? They said they deal with the access privilages corruption type.

      Has it worked for you?


      I'm considering using this as an alternative to my original plan. But before I approach the check-signers at my school, I need to know if the chances of the file getting fixed are higher than half?



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          Jeremy -


          Yes, the FileMaker Recovery Service does deal with damaged files that are exhibiting a "access privileges are damaged..." message.


          As for the chances, that is always a hard question to answer.  Just because a file displays a "XXXXXX" message when you try and open it does not mean there is a greater or lesser chance of being able to fix it as a similar file that displays a "YYYYYY" message when you try and open it.  And one file that displays "XXXXXX" when you open it may be less (or more) damaged than a similar file that also displays "XXXXXX" when you try and open it.  Each file is different.


          Part of the problem in trying to predict the likelihood that a file can be repaired is not knowing just how damaged a file really is.  A file that reports that its access privileges are damaged may actually be more damaged than just the access privileges.  In other words, there are many layers to the onion - sometimes only one layer (access privileges) is damaged and sometimes multiple layers can be damaged.  It is impossible to predict what you will and will not be able to do sight unseen since we do not know the level / extent of the damage.


          With all that said, if a file reports that its access privileges are damaged AND that is the only damage to the file, there is usually, but not always, a good probability that the FileMaker Recovery Service can do something to get you back into your file.  But if you have backups or other means to recovery your data / work on your own you are likely better off exploring those avenues first and using the FileMaker Recovery Service as your last resort.


          Steve Romig

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Steve, Thanks for your reply. My database runs perfectly fine on the server. I've had 21000 log ins on the server copy, the one that has access privilages damanged since I started the file.


            The local copy doesn't open though. I get the message only when I try to download it and open it locally. Most people to whom I've explained that to are surprised. That doesn't seem possible.

            It seems to pass the server tests.


            I'll give you guys a shot. I have faith that you can help me out. At least, within 6 weeks you'll let me know if I need to start rebuilding it from a version from a few months ago, or if you've fixed it.


            Steve, the agreement says that the cost is $500 which is $75 for admin fees and the rest for the service. It says that the $75 won't be refunded if the file can't be fixed. I assume the balance will be refunded.  Am I right?

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              This has been posted on Tech Talk once or twice before. People report that the file runs fine on server, but fails when they download and run locally


              e.g. https://fmdev.filemaker.com/message/47240#47240


              which version of FileMaker ?


              have you tried stopping the server, and downloading the "live" copy ?