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    Filemaker Database on the web


      Hi, i am new here and new to Filemaker Pro.

      Recently i created a database using Filemaker Pro 11.

      i would like to use this database online somehow.

      My main reasons are:

      1. i don't want the file with all records to be damage from external factors.

      2. don't want to be defended on a file on my computer (or open in any other one) a perfect solution is to make my database as a website!! i have no PHP scills but i m a web designer and i can create mySQL and so on.


      i have no idea where to start.

      any help will be appreciated.

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          I guess it depends on if you want the database hosted with dynamic queries or just static pages from the database data.


          I'm not sure about your "reasons". If you HOST a database (any kind, MySQL & FileMaker included) and use it for web publishing, you can put restrictions on it, but it's still "out there" and subject to external factors for sure!


          Research IWP (Instant Web Publishing) with FileMaker if you want to host the database, otherwise you'll need the php (or other web app) skills.


          If you know how to create HTML, you can use FileMaker's calculations to create static HTML pages from the database contents. Then just export the "text" and name the extension whatever your website requires. Upload the file(s) to the website and you are "good to go". If you have a site that does not require queries and does not change often, this can be an acceptable alternative.