Using a web viewer in a report

Discussion created by Shauniedarko on Jan 4, 2013
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I know this is probably a dead end, but I'm working on developing the best ways to create reports for a solution. The reports will be created from various fields, not always the same. They will be a mix of text, images, and charts.


One of the problems I'm encountering is mixing images and text. There's no way (to my knowledge) to dynamically wrap text around images. So if I have an image in the report, I have to manually set the size of the text field, which often can and does leave a lot of blank space in the report.


Instead, I use a web viewer for the report and build the HTML from the fields I want. I can dynamically wrap text around images, create tables on the fly in the report, and even build some charts. It's almost a perfect solution for creating dynamic reports except that the web viewer doesn't slide up. So I have to know exactly how long the report is going to be and size the web viewer manually, which isn't a viable option since the size of the reports can change.


So I'm curious how others have handled this problem. If you have any tips or suggestions or tricks, I'd really love to hear them.