Fax via Windows Small Business Server

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Jan 4, 2013

I have a client that is running Windows Small Business Server (SBS). It comes with a print driver for client machines to fax to the SBS machine and it then sends the fax out from the server, which is nice so that each client machine doesn't have to have a modem and analog phone line. However, we're wanting FileMaker to send out faxes. There is a SBS fax print driver, but it works with a wizard to select the recipient. While that is fine from a normal print job, it does not work with a Print script step in FileMaker because FileMaker doesn't interact with that wizard. Is there another way to get FileMaker to use the SBS fax server such as by emailing a PDF to it or something like that? Thaniks for any ideas. If this doesn't work, there are numerous cloud solutions we can use. We just wanted to try to use the local free server first before paying for a cloud solution.