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    iPad MAC address


      when i use Get(SystemNICAddress) to get my iPad MAC address. it shows 12 digits+12 digits.

      Obviously one of them is WiFi MAC address. Any idea what is the 2nd part 12-digits for? I've check it's not for Blue-tooth.

      currently I am dealing one strange situation, one of my cusotmer's ipad, first(12 digit) it sometimes gos to 2nd part and 2nd part comes to first part position.

      they simply just swap. Any idea?

      iPad 4(FM Go ver 11).





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          Do they have Ip addresses in their WIFI settings that correspond to those digits perhaps?




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            Hi Steven,


            The first number should be the Wi-Fi address (or the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and the second number is for the cell network.


            hope this helps,


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              Hi Steven,


              On the iPad, go to Settings->General->About.


              In there you will see the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses listed individually as "Wi-Fi Address" and "Bluetooth". That should help clarify things.


              There is no MAC address for the cell network - the cell network uses the SIM (and possibly the IMEI or ICCID) as the network identifier(s).





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                Thanks for inputs. These days I was very busy in troubleshooting MAC stuff.

                In Filemaker GO(Ver.11) on iPad4

                -by Get(SystemNICAddress) , you will get 3 sets of 12-digi,

                  my test result is , after cycle power,

                  1. you will get one set in random digi(whatever), the other two are the same all the times.

                   2. these 3 sets, their sequence will change.


                -by using "MAC_address", it always gives you two sets which from 3 sets of Get(SystemNICAddress).

                  and if you go Settings->General->About, there to check . Sometimes MAC_address offers wrong completely if you cycle power couple of times.


                My conclusion is,  Get(SystemNICAddress) ,"MAC_address", don't work 100% correctly. Need to be careful in using.

                By the way , testing on iPad2, I found everything goes well.