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Create script to open related record on another tab in layout.

Question asked by tflannery on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by wimdecorte

I am new to FileMaker Pro. Just purchased FileMaker Pro 12 and am re-writing an Access database for FileMaker. I am very versed in Access but scratching my head a little with FileMaker.


I am trying to create a home page that lists all current jobs. The user can click (preferably) the JobNumber field and be taken to the Jobs tab which will show the detail for that job. I can make do with a button if it's the easiest to accomplish the task.


Capture 01.PNG


My script I'm trying, that is not working - duh! (It will take me to the Jobs tab but only shows the first record every time)


Capture 02.PNG

I'm not sure if this is a relationship issue or not.


Here is my only Relationship so far...

Capture 03.PNG


Any help is much appreciated!