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    Pop-up menu not doing the job


      Good morning.


      I have a "how would you approach this" question:


      I have a customer number and customer name that I am using in a pop-up menu via a valuelist referencing a table in my database.

      It is completely functional for my purposes. However, I have now learned that there will be 1800 entries in this table. OUCH!


      What are possible ways I could narrow down this list and improve the usability of the system?

      Should I use a different method to get them to enter the account number?



      Thanks -



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          Try a script trigger either in found set or portal that filters the list down as they type. 


          Here is one example:  http://sixfriedrice.com/wp/script-triggers-filter-as-you-type/


          Play the video and see if that is what you want. 

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            I've spent some time on it today.


            What I've decided to try to do is open a layout with all the account numbers and names in search mode,

            have the user enter part of the name and execute the search,

            click the correct result,

            then return to the original layout and populate the field with the result.


            I can visualize it, but I can't figure out the mechanics to make it work.


            I can get the layout open in find mode but am clueless on how the get the correct information back to the original page.

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              I do it slightly differently.


              The "search box" is the customer name field. After typing in the field, a script makes a new background window, does a find in the background. If one record is found it grabs the ID, of none are found, it returns an error message, if more than one is found, then the user is taken to a new layout. If this is FMP 12, that new window is a Dialog style, if not you've got a little more scripting to do.


              The new layout is just a list of found customers. There's a button on each record that runs a new script grabbing the customer ID and closing the window.

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                That's great! 


                Do you have any examples you could share?


                Sounds perfect!


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