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FMS12 and Java7?

Question asked by old_cedar on Jan 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by TimDietrich

New Mac Mini OS10.7.3 and FMS 12.0.3 installed last Spring. Set up and ran perfectly for months. Use it for development checkout. Have FMS 11 running on an older Mini in daily inhouse use for billing and other business management files. [Both Minis are non servers and bare bones and are remote [Screen Shared]. FMS 11 has run for a couple of years now. ] Decided this month to convert my business FMP 11 files to 12 and upgrade all machines. 2 months ago I added a couple of client files to FMS 12 no problem. Today I try to add the converted files to the server. The console would not come up. Used the safari page and got "Need Java7" and immediately downloaded and installed it. Console starts but, there is nothing in the window.


Restarted mini and tried again. This time the Security login comes up with a blank window. Went looking for an update. Found 12.0.3? Went to update and needed to shut down the FMS. Went thru Acctivity Monitor and shut down the Server. Updated and restarted. Same thing happend again. Startup of Security to enter console but nothing [blank] in window. No mesages and no fields. Anyone got a clue as to what in hell is going on?