Scripted field validation

Discussion created by ChrisG on Jan 5, 2013
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Dear FMP gurus


I am looking for some clever examples of using a script to validate fields. I have a questionnaire with approximately 140 fields. Most of these fields have value lists in the form of check boxes and radio buttons. Some of the fields ask a question like: "Have you ever hurt your knee?" if you answer yes then you must also answer the next "n" fields, else you should leave them empty. My database is built using the session model where the user fills in all the fields and then clicks a save button. It is when the save button is clicked that I want to run a validation script. I do not want to use FM's built in field validation because it validates each time the user leaves the field. I want the user to be able to fill in the entire form without being bothered and then when the save button is clicked, validation takes place. The user still has the choice to cancel if desired. I will also have to use conditional formatting next to each field to show a red asterisk if it is a required field.

Does anyone have any good ideas for achieving this without becoming to complex.


Thank you


Chris G