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I am doing some reno's on a system I built in late 2004 using Filemaker 7. A new world for sure back then and much to learn - all of which I did during this build. 8 years later I have been called back in for some updates.


Some issues:

1. Relationship graph design seems to have been a mutant variant of "Offset Twisted Spider"™.

2. 3 other programmers - none Filemaker at heart - have "adjusted" the database over the years.

3. I became an "Anchor Boy" - the design philosophy works well for me and I "get" it.

4. Anchor Boys, this one anyway, are afraid of Spiders.




I am thinking about adding some TOGS to suit the purposes of the update. All updates are in regard to calculations. What I am thinking about is adding some TOGS to base calculations upon - and thus I find the "evaluate this calculation from the context of" matter becoming of first importance. In my AB world I have always used the base table as the context for calculations. Now I am wondering, due to design complications whether I can create some new AB TOGs to derive my calculated values and still have them function as expected when viewed in other TOGs.


The main issue is 5 anchor tables that are sadly linked together - these account for 90% of the "traffic" in terms of calculations and scripts. Rather than deconstruction - no budget for that - I just want to get these new calc's enabled so I am hoping I can use my new AB style TOGs to implement this. It seems like it will work but I'd like to confirm prior to starting in on them. The gist of it being that my new calc's will use the same base tables but different instances of them.


The attached image shows before and after doing a rearrangement of the RG - the heavy purple lines reflect calc and script traffic that fall afoul of AB "logic".






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