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    Relationship Help


      Greetings from Turkey



      I apologize in advance for english.

      I would like you can help.



      I am planning to customer s personnel Scroll to carry on the database.

      Ing a report sent to customers as the sample file alıyorum.ancak ing this service to get the report relate to the way the Subcontractor s supposed to watch.



      Written by:



      1. workplace transport business customers

      2. Morning and Evening Flight account

      3. subcontractors who have to transport the

      4. These tools have a sample: Bus, Minibus, such as

      5. Payments are made monthly. Parts, Parts



      Benefited from Google Translate.

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          Hi Nuri:


          It's difficult to understand exactly what you're asking.


          It sounds like you might want an invoice report for a customer that shows the subcontractor. Your portal on the Invoices layout can do that; just add the subcontractor name field to the portal row. It's perfectly ok to have fields from other related tables in a portal row.


          Additionally, I don't think you need the customer_invoice or customer_invoice_lineitem relationships as they are duplicates of what you're already using. You can relate your customers to the invoices using just the invoices table occurrence.


          Again, if I've misunderstood what you need, please don't hesitate to try your explanation again.

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            Hi Nick,


            Thank you for the reply.


            Draft reports on subcontractors to do this Invoice table, too?


            To make lara Subcontractor Payment Report.


            relations, logic, right?


            Subcontractors do not have a separate line?


            sample :


            Subcontractor = Subcontractor_Invoice = Subcontractor_InvoiceLine




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              How to Draft reports SubcontractorSubcon.PNG

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                Hi Nuri:


                I apologize as once again I'm not entirely sure what you're asking.


                If you want a report with the invoices stating the subcontractor name, then see the post above.


                If you want to show all of the invoices for a specific subcontractor then add a portal to the subcontractor layout going back to the invoices relationship.


                If you need to link the subcontractors directly to the invoices for some reason, then you would need to add an invoices foreign key field to the subcontractors table and create a new relationship occurrence to the invoices.


                I've attached your original file here with the first two of these scenarios. With either of these you can build a report layout for printing, if that's what you need.

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                  Nick thank you



                  now I understand

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                    You're quite welcome!