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    Hiding black bar designating active record?


      Is there any way to hide the little black bar on the left of the layout in list view that points to the active record?

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          You could "fake it" to a certain degree, if you move the position of the window a few pixels to the left, however, this does not stop the user from moving the window position to reveal the black highlight. Even the more advanced window styles introduced with version 12 does not stop this. Users can move the window position. Perhaps you may want to display the records in a portal??

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            I understand why it's there but it's really frustrating that FileMaker wont let us turn it off. I want 100% control of what my user sees, especially on an iOS device where we have such a condensed GUI.


            On my iOS solutions I have resorted to using portals instead of lists...which creates a lot of extra work if you want dynamic sorting.

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              This issue comes up a lot (and as we cycle through new TechNet users- they don't know how many times this has been asked)... in time you will see many more posts about this and will want a keyboard key that inputs "HWGA" (here we go again). I've been FileMaking since the early 90's- it's always been there, and, after much complaining from the developer community- still has not been addressed by FMI. It is a very basic part of the FileMaker API and I suspect it will never be addressed to everyone's satisfaction. I think of it now like the ocean- every ocean has beaches on the edge- I may not always like it, but never-the-less it's a part of the world as it is!

                 Very clever and inspired people have created work-arounds, but, despite their best efforts, the solutions are clumbsy, onerous, and broken easily, not to mention the burden they put on computer proccessing.

                 As a core technology, FileMaker would like developers to consider the Jobsian 'less is more' motif in our layouts (FMI is, of course, a subsidiary of Apple Inc.), as evidenced by the look of the sample files included in the installation, and when it comes to iOS deployment, I find that their sample files make for a very clean and functional result. I think that theoretically, they would like it if we all made laysouts similar to the grey Macintosh startup screen with a simple Apple logo, or something akin to it.

                 This is an issue that 12 steppers would say "you must accept the things you cannot change."