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Problem with Portal and Privilege Sets

Question asked by carlo.m on Jan 5, 2013

I'm testing a solution for deployment, I'm using the common user privilege set that I have set up.


On full access, everything works without a glitch...


On the privilege set (UPS) I'm setting up, I can't quite put my finger on whats wrong...


User has rights to the parent and child table, to view and modify records via the layout, to access all fields from both tables...


A script creates a new order, and selects the product number field from the portal displaying order line table. With the UPS I type the product number in, and I can view it with no problems... I then hit tab to go to the next field, and I can't see the product number anymore... If I shift tab to go back, when I'm in the field I can see the product number but can't see the qty I just set in the next field... If I hit on the blank in the layout so it will commit, I can then see all data I entered previously. Before I commit, I can't see the next portal row (last portal row) appeaer with field frames (ready to create next record).



What am I missing?