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    PDF Dimmed in Print Setup


      For some reason, the PDF choice in Print Setup in now dimmed in our application.

      FileMaker Go 12. iPad 2 and 3.

      Any ideas?




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          I'm going to answer my own question with a previous post (thanks to acta):


          Originally Posted By: info@actaareasoftware.com

          Date/Time: 5/16/2011 1:21:12 PM


          We finally found and tested why the print and pdf commands remain grey.


          In our solutions we have custom menus without "Print…" and without "Save/send records as…" because we prefer to have only buttons with print scripts to avoid that somebody could print when is not all ready.


          With FileMaker Go if the custom menus do not contain these commands obviously the print and pdf commands remain grey, and the print scripts do not function even if we have the full access privileges.

          So with FileMaker Go, when we want to print or save as pdf, we had to active temporarily new custom menus that contain "print…" and "save records as…" commands, or to active these custom menus only in the print formats.



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