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    Improve FileMaker

      I have a few suggestions for FileMaker improvements that I would like to address to FileMaker corp. Anyone who knows how to do that?

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          This was on the FMI tech talk list… So young, so optimistic.


          The only reply suggested going to the FMI web suggestion page.



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            Hi Hans


            I have read through your list of suggestions that you wish to send to Filemaker and I wish to pick up on just one section.  I have inserted it below;



            ”Execute Data”

            In quite many cases, I have been fighting a problem or rather a difficulty. When a script is updating a field containing reference information in a relation, you cannot expect to use the related record from within the same script. If you are not aware of this, you will end up in very difficult and unsuccessful error-tracing. In some cases I have made a work-around using Find. But during the last month or couple of months, I found a hint that it is necessary to temporarily hand over control to underlying functions in FileMaker. I think it was called ”Execute Data” or something similar and I also think I found it in TechNet. This hand-over can for example be made by a set of Find/Browse commands in the script.

            To my mind, this information is of such vital importance that it deserves to be made more visible to the user. Why not a separate script command: i.e. Execute Data? I am also a little bit doubtful regarding the performace implications of the method mentioned above.



            Now I may be wrong, but I think you need to know that a 'Commit Record' script step will provide you with the facilty to use an updated relationship during the same script in which you have changed one or more of its parameters.  This was a change brought in with FileMaker 7 and caused all developers to think more carefully about when we need to 'save' a record.


            I do hope I'm not telling you something that you know and understand already, but from your description of thia issue, the addition of a 'Commit Record' step would appear to resolve the problem.


            Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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              Many thanks for your answer! I hadn't noticed this script step, and unfortunately I haven´t installed the english help-files. The swedish help-file is definitely not explaining the function you are mentioning, and what it actually tries to describe is not clear to me. I am going to install the english help-files instead! My sentence:"To my mind, this information is of such vital importance that it deserves to be made more visible to the user". still applies!

              Best wishes



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                Hi Hans


                I don't want to do this issue to death, but I have found a page in the English help file that explains quite succinctly when you need to use the 'Commit Record' step and which other Script Steps (and/or Commands) actually include 'Commit Record' as part of their function.


                Here is the link to the online version of FileMaker 12 help: http://www.filemaker.com/12help/html/add_view_data.4.23.html#1047900


                Now I will go back to reading the rest of your suggestions to FileMaker!


                I think you may have to submit them one at a time ...


                A quick way to get to the 'Feature Request' page is to look under the Help menu in FileMaker itself - use 'Provide FileMaker Feedback' - this takes you straight to the page that Peter directed you to at the start of this thread.


                Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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                  Hello Hans,


                  One way to view the RG whilst writing a script is to take a screen shot (or series of screen shots) that you can open with Preview on the Mac, or some equivalent app on Windows. You still have to juggle your use of screen real estate but it is a workable alternative and better, IMO, than using the two FMP apps, which in itself is confusing as the menu bars are indistinguishable.


                  I cannot foresee the Manage Database window becoming non-modal anytime soon. Any changes that you make there have to be updated in the schema before your scripting can be relied upon to work as decreed by the relationship structure and field definitions.





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                    I concur with John. There is a video from Skeleton Key on my blog ( sorry Chad I couldn't find the link to your original blog post ), that discusses the problem with having the Manage Dialog open whilst working on the live data.