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How do I retrieve all current months records automatically?

Question asked by jayankurian on Jan 7, 2013
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Hi all,

This is an employee daily schedule db maintained by respective sectional supervisors.

What my boss wanted is when he access the schedule, the application should take him to the current month schedule of all employees AUTOMATICALLY. In other words, retrieve all records those belong to the current month in browse mode. Currently the db is set to take him into the last record.


I am familer to write a script to retrieve today's (current date) schedule in browse mode, but dont know how to bring all records of current "month and year" in browse mode.


I do have two gloabal calculation fields one calculate the current Month and the other current Year.

How do I use these two fields in a "start-up script" to find all current Month's records?


Appreciate any help......


Monthly schedule entry screen is below.


Filemaker Schedule Example.jpg