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    Perform Find using global field


      How can I script a find request using the values stored in 2 global fields? I don't want place the user in Find mode, but based on the values they enter I want to run a find in the background that is transparent to the user, then display a new screen that shows documents related to the found set.


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          Use script triggers on the globals. Up to you to determine which trigger best suits your needs - modify, exit, etc.


          Then perform the search based on the values in the globals.


          You'll need to trap for values in both fields and only perform the search on the second field (assumption) trigger.

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            Thanks so much for your quick reply.  Five minutes after posting my question in frustration I got this to work, after a day of spinning my wheels and searching for an answer.  Maybe if I posted yesterday I would have saved myself a lot of frustration.


            Thanks David, I'm grateful for people like you who are willing to help.