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Table Design Methods

Question asked by MarkNZ on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by MarkNZ

I have started my learning curve into FM using the "FM Starting Point Template" I did this so I could go behind the scenes and see how things were done and connected.

I also have been following Suzan Prosser "The missing Manual" & Chris Appleton teaching aids.

In Starting Point under the Relationship Tab You can see that the Main Tables (TO’s) Ie: Accounts, Contacts, Estimates, Invoicing etc are there.. great..

All the TO’s connected to the main Table occurrence are related, I understand that too.

But notice how the main table occurrences are not connected to each other like Suzan & Chris show it. FMSP obviously use an alternative design method. ie: The Contacts table is not Directly Related to Estimates using standard methods etc. Other methods are being used.

Suzan & Chris Appleton’s Main Tables are all directly Related.. with pk & fk keys etc

Is it that FMSP is based on advanced methods ? Or is it because FMSP is built to suit Note Pad & IPhone?

or It could be that some of the TO'S are just hidden from view?


I think what FMSP have done is very good & Im sure theres many ways you can do things & The method used probably suits its purpose, its not that. Its just as I’m just learning my way through things.. starting out, I want to put my time & effort into the right learning direction. Starting of on the right platform, particuarly in the early stages.

If anyone is aware of FMSP design concept & could add a couple of thoughts, that would be great.


Many Thanks Mark