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    Pdf creator


      I'm using FM 11 to send pricelists to my customers in PDF. I cannot use the internal pdf function in Filemaker because there is no way to manage the compression. I need to have such option otherwise my pdf files will be too large as i include pictures in miy pricelists as well.

      That's why I have installed a virtual pdf printer so solve this problem.

      The only problem I'm facing is that I cannot use this pdf printer in a server script.

      Does anyone has experiences with this issue

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          Mike Duncan

          Is this a job that needs to be scheduled and run at certain times? A common solution is to set up a "robot" machine that runs filemaker scripts to do whatever needs done. It's a easy way to work around some of the limitations working with server only script steps, and fairly easy to set up.


          Or is there something else that requires it being run from server, like web enabled?

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            This job does not to be scheduled but runs by a user action.

            The script however runs on the server and not on the client, that’s why I’m looking for a PDF-creator that is able to compress the data.



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              Mike Duncan

              So your "robot" running filemaker pro could open a filemaker file that has an ontimer script step set to run a script every so often to open a hosted file, perform a find to see if there are any records flagged for printing, do it's thing and disconnect from the server. That way you only have to configure the pdf printer on the one machine, and you can utilize all the normal filemaker scripting from there.


              Of course just one possible solution, but the first one that comes to my mind.

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                Hi Kees,


                Just a thought; would it be possible to compress the images before saving the pdf, with a smaller pdf as a result?


                Hope that helps,


                Best regards,


                Ruben van den Boogaard

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                  Dat is lastig omdat dan de kwaliteit sterk achteruit gaat en ik wil dat de prijslijst er netjes uitziet


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                    If the task is initiated by user action:

                    1. Why does it need to be run on the server?

                    2. Why do you think the script runs on the server, and not the client that triggered the script?


                    From what I remember, because FM Server doesn't have the ability to render a window it limits it's ability to generate a PDF ( at least in the current approach ).  But then again, I may be confusing to different topics.


                    One option, and it will depend on your, and your IT team's skill level: Export the records, and then use a system-level script to generate a PDF.

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                      Mike Duncan

                      I think the idea is that PDF software (print driver or something else) would need to be configured on one machine, instead of each individual client or setting up a shared printer for all clients to be able to print to. At least that's how I understand the question.

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                        He will need to clarify then. Because he twice mentions the script running on the server, or not being able to use the script on the server...and the "Print" script step in not a FM Server compatible script step.


                        However, with that said, it's also mentioned that the script is user-initiated. ???

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                          Sounds like a perfect case for some serious cleverness with ScriptMaster and iText.

                          And yes there is a way to make this work as a server side script.


                          Compressing images can be done to reduce file size, but that needs to be balanced with image quality obviously

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                            Hi Kees,


                            PDF compression does exactly that, so the trick is to get the best quality.

                            If you send me some sample data backchannel and what you would like as a result I'll see what I can do.

                            (free of charge)


                            Best regards,


                            Ruben van den Boogaard

                            Infomatics Software


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                              Thanks for all these replies but I understand that my question caused some confusion.

                              Let me try again

                              I'm using fm to create pricelists including pictures. Each customer has it own custom made pricelist. Some with a few products, some witm more products, different prices, different remarks etc.

                              We frequently update these pricelists by adding new products or deleting out of programm items.

                              That means i have to send around 400 pricelists every month.

                              I prefer to send them directly via a smtp server to my clients  so i do not need to confirm each email by outlook.

                              The way i acript it works perefectly well as long as the pricelists are not too large in size.

                              It could be possible to send a 10 mb pricelist to a customer but in case of refusal by their email client i do not get a mail back so that is a risk. You think thatnthe customer did receive his pricelist but actually he did not.

                              To avoid this size risk i do not us the native pdf script step but instead a use a PDF creatior whcih is installed as a printer driver on our window server

                              The pronlem however is that i would like to appoint this specific pdf printer driver automatically and that is where the problems starts.


                              So question 1

                              Is there a way to compress the pdf file that is created by the native fm pdf script step


                              How can i guarantee that the pdf printer driver (in my case PDF creator) will always selected via script step

                              Select primter (no dialog)

                              Btw is no option to appoint the PDF printer driver as the default printer because in most of the scripts I want to print document on a real printer . I experience that FM is not good in handling different printers, so maybe i need a plugin to handdle that. How can advise me in that