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    Printer List


      Hello to all !!!!


      I want to generate list of connected printers into a dropdown field. Generally I have to print

      my PoS receipt into more than 1 printer. FM takes only one default printer but I want It should

      print on 3 printers on a single click.


      My thought is if I can generate a list of printers into dropdown field, than I can make a setup for select

      multiple printer on any layout(Printer1, Printer2,...).


      Please Let me know, Is it possible.??


      Anirudh Pandey

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          Benjamin Fehr

          As far as I know, FM can only store 1 printer-setup for 1 file. I used to have different FM-Files for different printer-jobs.

          Currently I'm evaluating the PrinterSwitch from MyFmButtler:



          This plugIn can evaluate connected printers, put theirs names into a field where you can use theme as a value-list.

          Seems to work. Some leak of "copies" functions, especiallly for MacOS. I wouldn't know about function for orientation

          (Portrait / Landscape).

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            Is it possible for FM Go ??

            Because my application will run on iPAD.

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              Benjamin Fehr

              I'm sorry but there's no way to have PlugIns to run on any iOS-Devices. There's only a small chance that we will see this in the future.

              (I wouldn't expect this for FM 13!)

              The only way I see to grant usability is to build relationships to separate documents for each different printer.


              Otherwise you'ld have to print documents single by single.