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Best Unfragmented Way To Go With Containers

Question asked by listen2earth on Jan 8, 2013

Bottom Line: To FileMakers new Container, "your going to end up with too many external folder(s)".


for my FMA12 i just not want a bunch of external folders laying around all over in various locations on my Mac !!




My Quest has long long been to have all my photo library images all reside in one file / table.




Currently the embedded images resides in a FMA11 file at 13,500 images at 6 GB.

Unfortunately it is corrupted but do have its clone in FMA12. i could convert it but fear to mess with it as the file sits active open.


i have 20 GB of images from my iPhone camera now residing in various folders on my desktop.


KNOWING WELL ALL OF FILEMAKERS PREVIOUS VERSIONS CORRUPTION PROBLEMS .. is all from fragmentations, "is why my solutions are all designed around maintaining one large over size files for keeping my disk blocks and memory blocks organized compact." this has always worked well for me over many years is WHY i not want a bunch of various image folders spread out everywhere being the source of my container field and then having to maintain al the backups for the various folders, while worry about they're locations. External referencing of containers and its features sounds great but i not like my solution spread out everywhere having links that can get easily corrupted.


In my Quest, i find myself lost amidst FileMaker 12 new container options. Boy, is there an awful lot of problematic opposition about these new containers from all walks of life !!! Maybe i am wrong but i was kindna thinking FileMaker could of avoided all of this if they just had Cloned their container field for having several types of container fields for specific files. Seems werid having different file types going on in one file seems prone to corruption ?? in any case ....


•How am i going to get my FMA11 images into this FMA12 Clone ?

•And add additional images from many various desktop folders ?


While wanting ALL the origional images from everywhere to ALL reside in one complete folder which will be the folder that FileMaker12 creates when referencing.


OPENED ! not secured ! Not for online! not for servers !


thank you for you time,

rob 'jesus Land Tidd' lewis