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    FM Server Serving Old Versions of Web Pages


      I have a client using FMSA 12 running on a Mac Mini with the max of memory and large SSD hard drives. Their FM Server had a problem this morning; they noticed over 30GB of swap files (memory leak) and the HDD was out of disk space. So they restarted and everything seemed to be fine. But now we've realized that a lot of the PHP web pages being served by the FM Server are old versions!


      When I navigate through Finder to look at the Library/WebServer/Documents folder, all PHP files are in their proper place and the current versions look fine when opened with DreamWeaver. But viewing page source for web pages clearly shows that an old version is being served. The old versions date back in some cases to almost a year ago.


      This doesn't feel like a FM problem to me, but I don't have any ideas of what to suggest their IT people even look at. Any suggestions?



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          Hi Julie


          It sounds very much like the web root for the web server has changed, and is pointing to an older version also on the HDD.


          Which OS is this…? can you check the document root for the site in the web server software and confirm that it's pointing to the right folder…? can you use a system-level search to locate the 'other' copies of the php files which are seemingly on the server somewhere…?


          Few random thoughts which might help…




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            Thanks for your input, Steve. The problem has been fixed.


            In case anyone else has this same problem: It appears the culprit was Apache; apparently it was serving up pages from its cache in error. Some page versions it was serving were almost a year old! The client's IT ended up doing a restore of the whole system from a few days ago, and restoring the databases from today's end of the day backup. That seems to have cleared up the problem.