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    Background design


      Hello everybody,


      I would like to use Filemaker for formulars.

      The easiest way would be,

      if I could take a .pdf or .jpeg for background

      and than lay over the data in listview.

      Is there a possibility?


      I dont mean to print the list as pdf and use a publisher app to lay it over a formular.


      If there is no other solution, it would be great to develop


      Best regards.

      Greg Al

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          Well, you can't put a big graphic behing a list view of a bunch of records.  But you could create a portal that does that.  Basically, a graphic goes behind one part such as the Body or Header or Footer.  You could create Body that has a record with the JPG in a container field.  Then you could have a related table of records showing the data that could be put in a portal in the Body.  Your only real limitation is that portals are specific lengths in size (e.g., 10 records).  I'm still not sure exactly what you're getting at, but this might help some.