Texting  using the   Send via SMTP ()

Discussion created by rodmastar on Jan 8, 2013

Looking all over maybe someone here has a clue..



Send via SMTP ()


i i have attached a image showing some code re Send SMPT


I am testing with google server smpt


1) When setting up a menu for various SMPT setting, there is no parameter to pass setting up encryption or authorization and why I have the IF's hard coding


Has anyone played with texting... ?



I am able to get it to work by NOTsending all the smtp setup window..

such as NO NAME i get back garbage

Also I must have NO SUBJECT



Texting goes out fine;;;


The problem I like to solve.. is the text recvd looks great except normal texting will say


from a name person, INSTEAD, i get a phone# like 1 (410) 000-00030 30 means i have recvd 30 texts

I get only the FROM email address and a MSG line





I have attached 2nd file